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Resurrection_Bay_2.jpg (43140 bytes) The mountains and the clouds blend together on the shores of Resurrection Bay Sea_loins_1.jpg (101686 bytes) Sea Loins on a exposed rock in Resurrection Bay
Iditarod_Start_Anchorage_03.jpg (70478 bytes) Looking down towards the start line of the Iditarod, with the trucked in snow. Iditarod_Start_Anchorage_04.jpg (59215 bytes) The dogs and musher start the journey.
Iditarod_Fairbanks_Start_06.jpg (79674 bytes) The dogs prepare to start the Iditarod race at Fairbanks the genuine start. Iditarod_Fairbanks_Start_08.jpg (52473 bytes) Only 1049 miles to go.
Dog_Sledding_04.jpg (90434 bytes) Riding the dog sled. Ice_Carving_Championships_03.jpg (48389 bytes) One of the displays at the Ice Carving Championships.
Danali_National_Park_06.jpg (102438 bytes) Denali National Park from the side of the highway. Telkeetna.jpg (88553 bytes) A warm welcome to downtown Telkeetna.
Telkeetna_04.jpg (82823 bytes) A there is downtown Telkeetna. K2_Flight_19.jpg (78768 bytes) A close up shot of the Denali mountain range.
K2_Flight_11.jpg (83317 bytes) To think people do climb these mountains. K2_Flight_31.jpg (123802 bytes) The snow covered glaziers.
Telkeetna_Lodge_Sunset_02.jpg (57449 bytes) The sun setting and the moon shining outside our Telkeetna lodge. Telkeetna_Lodge_Sunset_03.jpg (43959 bytes) I could be convinced to move there.
Alyeska_03.jpg (74231 bytes) Alyeska ski resort, the ski resort with the lowest altitude in the world. Turnagain_Bay_01.jpg (35627 bytes) The mountains surrounding Turnagain Bay.
Turnagain_Bay_Sunset_03.jpg (49695 bytes) The sun setting on Turnagian Bay. Mt_Susitna(Sleeping_Lady).jpg (47995 bytes) Mt Susitna  known as Sleeping Lady on Cook Bay.

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