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Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Montreal.jpg (83923 bytes) The city of Montreal from Parc du Mont Royal Bonsecours_Market_02.jpg (53607 bytes) Bonsecours Market in the old Montreal area.
Basilique_Notre_Dame.jpg (50044 bytes) Basilique Notre Dame on a overcast day. Basilique_Notre_Dame_01.jpg (130435 bytes) Inside of Basilique Notre Dame.
Chapelle_du_Sacre_Coeur_03.jpg (124009 bytes) Chapelle du Sacre Coeur inside of Basilique Notre Dame. McGill_University.jpg (58063 bytes) Inside the grounds of McGill University.
Olympic_Park.jpg (52413 bytes) Olympic Park. Oratorie_St_Joseph_01.jpg (42307 bytes) The massive Oratorie St Joseph.
Oratorie_St_Joseph_08.jpg (88038 bytes) Inside on of the small chapels of the Oratorie St Joseph. Oratorie_St_Joseph_Original_Chapel.jpg (57124 bytes) The original chapel on the grounds of the Oratorie St Joseph.

Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Lincoln_Park_Chicago_Skyline_08.jpg (46158 bytes) The Chicago skyline from Lincoln Park.   Wrigley_Building&Tribune_Tower.jpg (65471 bytes) Wrigley Building & Tribune Tower two examples of Chicago's architecture. 
Merchandise_Mart.jpg (51282 bytes) The large Merchandise Mart across the Chicago river.  State_Street_01.jpg (62879 bytes) Looking down State Street.
Pumping_Station_03.jpg (100562 bytes) The Chicago Pumping Station one of the oldest buildings in Chicago. Harold_Washington_Library.jpg (89764 bytes) The Harold Washington Library.
Buckingham_Fountain.jpg (42439 bytes) Buckingham Fountain with Sears Tower in the background.  Wrilgey_Field.jpg (82944 bytes) Wrigley Field Ball Park home to the Chicago Cubs.


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