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New York, New York, USA.

New_York_Skyline_10.jpg (44608 bytes) The New York skyline. Statue_Of_Liberty_05.jpg (36020 bytes) The Statue Of Liberty.
Battery_Park.jpg (85400 bytes) Battery Park at the tip of New York. 9_11_Memorial_01.jpg (135591 bytes) A memorial to 9/11 of a globe once in the World Trade Center.
Wall_Street_03.jpg (96452 bytes) The New York Stock Exchange.  St_Paul_Chapel.jpg (102066 bytes) St Paul's Chapel in the mist of the site of the former World Trade Center.
City_Hall_Park.jpg (95368 bytes) City Hall Park with City Hall and Municipal Buildings in the background. Brooklyn_Bridge_03.jpg (103535 bytes) Brooklyn Bridge.
Jefferson_Market_Garden_01.jpg (129277 bytes) Jefferson Market Garden. Flatiron_Building.jpg (52940 bytes) The Flatiron Building New York's first skyscraper. 
Madison_Square_Park_Empire_State_Building.jpg (83751 bytes) Madison Square Garden with the Empire State Building in the background. Empire_State_Building_03.jpg (73335 bytes) The Empire State Building.
Empire_State_Building_Skyline_01.jpg (95464 bytes) Looking Uptown from the Empire State Building. Empire_State_Building_Skyline_04.jpg (70443 bytes) Looking Downtown from the Empire State Building.
Empire_State_Building_Skyline_19.jpg (85906 bytes) Downtown at Night from the Empire State Building. Bryant_Park_02.jpg (78862 bytes) Bryant Park with New York Public Library in the background.
Time_Square_02.jpg (125861 bytes) Time Sqaure. Central_Park_Belvedere_Castle.jpg (62503 bytes) Belvedere Castle in Central Park.
Central_Park_Lake_11.jpg (61645 bytes) The Lake in Central Park. Central_Park_08.jpg (153552 bytes) People relaxing in Central Park.

United Nations.

United_Nations_03.jpg (85008 bytes)

The United Nations building.

United_Nations_Security_Council.jpg (72139 bytes)

The Security Council Cambers within the United Nations Building.