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Alberta, Canada.

Johnston_Canyon_20.jpg (99403 bytes) One of the frozen waterfalls at Johnston Canyon which is beginning to break-up.  Johnston_Canyon_07.jpg (79821 bytes) Another of the ice formations with water flowing behind it.
Johnston_Canyon_12.jpg (115380 bytes) Looking down Johnston Canyon Johnston_Canyon_09.jpg (106855 bytes) Looking up Johnston Canyon.
Banff_Springs_Hotel_Presidential_Suite.jpg (121360 bytes) Global Village hostel at the Banff Springs Hotel in the Presidential Suite. Maligne_Canyon_06.jpg (91075 bytes) Looking down into Maligne Canyon.
Johnston_Canyon_14.jpg (95030 bytes) Maligne Canyon from within. Maligne_Canyon_18.jpg (115490 bytes) The large frozen waterfall at Maligne Canyon.
Maligne_Canyon_16.jpg (74811 bytes) Me standing in a Ice Cave. Maligne_Canyon_31.jpg (56548 bytes) Walking out of the canyon as night sets in.
Whistler_Mountain.jpg (80524 bytes) Whistler Mountain Jasper. Jasper_Drive.jpg (58507 bytes) Just some of the mountains around Jasper.
Medicine_Lake.jpg (59103 bytes) Looking out over the dried up Medicine Lake. Maligne_River.jpg (89649 bytes) The Maligne River.
Maligne_Lake.jpg (55870 bytes) Looking out over Maligne Lake. Maligne_Lake_04.jpg (53030 bytes) The boathouse at Maligne Lake.
Dodge_SX2.0.jpg (83397 bytes) The Dodge SX2.0 that took me around the Jasper area. Jasper_Station_06.jpg (57712 bytes) The main street of Jasper with the mountains behind it.
Jasper_Station_05.jpg (48193 bytes) The Jasper railway station. Jasper_VIA_04.jpg (50632 bytes) The train which became my home at Jasper station.


VIA Rail, Canada.

Edmonton.jpg (47787 bytes) Edmonton from the VIA railway station in Edmonton.

VIA_Sioux_Lookout.jpg (57337 bytes)

The train as it sits beneath the moonlight at Sioux Lookout.


Gallery 3.