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Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Provincial_Parliament_Buildings_01.jpg (87515 bytes) Provincial Parliament Buildings with its snow cover gardens. Provincial_Parliament_Buildings_03.jpg (98279 bytes) 2 weeks later with a nice green garden.
Provincial_Parliament_Buildings_Chamber.jpg (102935 bytes) The Provincial Parliament Building's chambers. University_Of_Toronto_08.jpg (63261 bytes) Inside the grounds of The University Of Toronto.
CN_Tower_04.jpg (54946 bytes) CN Tower. CN_Tower_Toronto_Downtown_01.jpg (124502 bytes) Downtown Toronto from CN Tower.
CN_Tower_Toronto_Islands_01.jpg (40640 bytes) Toronto Islands a beyond to Lake Ontario from CN Tower.  CN_Tower_Toronto_08.jpg (63144 bytes) The sun setting over the suburbs of Toronto from CN Tower.
CN_Tower_Toronto_Downtown_03.jpg (94466 bytes) Darkness sets in over Downtown Toronto. CN_Tower_Moonlight_02.jpg (49248 bytes) CN Tower and the moon.

Niagara Falls, Ontario.

American_Falls_04.jpg (62531 bytes) The American Falls with a rainbow in the foreground. Horseshoe_Falls_14.jpg (94671 bytes) The beginning of spring with the Horseshoe Fall in the background. 
Horseshoe_Falls_38.jpg (40612 bytes) The Horseshoe Fall with all its spray.  Horseshoe_Falls_32.jpg (40398 bytes) Looking over the Horseshoe Fall with a rainbow coming back up out of the fall.
Horseshoe_Falls_21.jpg (35538 bytes) Looking out at the Horseshoe Fall 38m below the top. American_Falls_08.jpg (52835 bytes) Looking back at the American Fall from 38m down the Horseshoe Fall.
American_Falls_13.jpg (61525 bytes) The night lights on the American Fall. Horseshoe_Falls_43.jpg (56767 bytes) The night lights on the Horseshoe Fall.

Rochester, New York, USA.

Model__Flying_01.jpg (95625 bytes) Craig and myself looking to the skies flying a model aircraft. Model__Flying_03.jpg (148096 bytes) The model aircraft that I did manage to fly.
Rochester_Family_01.jpg (47035 bytes) The Rochester Family. Sarah, Mandy, Lisa, Jaime, Craig and me. Kodak.jpg (44637 bytes) The Kodak building caught on Digital camera and no it isn't a Kodak.


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