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Ottawa, Ontario ,Canada.

Centre_Block_02.jpg (51319 bytes) Centre Block home of the Canadian Parliament. House_Of_Commons_02.jpg (115135 bytes) House of Commons.
Senate_03.jpg (103036 bytes) The Senate. Ottawa_02.jpg (77262 bytes) A view of Parliament Hill and downtown Ottawa from the Peace Tower in Centre Block.
Cathedral-Basilica_Of_Notre_Dame_07.jpg (54586 bytes) The outside of Cathedral-Basilica Of Notre Dame. Cathedral-Basilica_Of_Notre_Dame_02.jpg (126731 bytes) Cathedral-Basilica Of Notre Dame from the inside.
HI_Hostel_01.jpg (63582 bytes) HI. Hostel the old Ottawa Jail. HI_Hostel_Gallows.jpg (80418 bytes) Looking up to the wooden shutters that cover the gallows.
Confederation_Square_07.jpg (68103 bytes) Confederation Square at night with the National War Memorial Centre_Block_07.jpg (60044 bytes) Centre Block at night.
East_Block_02.jpg (53399 bytes) East Block at night on Parliament Hill. West_Block_02.jpg (61092 bytes) West block at night on Parliament Hill.


Quebec, Quebec, Canada.

Plains_Of_Abraham_La_Citadelle_01.jpg (50961 bytes) Plains Of Abraham where the British defeated the French with La Citadelle in the background. La_Citadelle_03.jpg (50284 bytes) Inside La Citadelle grounds.
Assemblee_Nationale_02.jpg (70769 bytes) Assemblee Nationale the centre of Quebec politics. Porte_St_Jean.jpg (103385 bytes) Porte St Jean one of the gates to the old walled city of Quebec..
Rue_St_Louis.jpg (88010 bytes) Rue St Louis one of the streets in the old upper town of Quebec inside the city walls. Rue_St_Louis_04.jpg (88135 bytes) Rue St Louis at night light by the street lights.
Basillica_Notre_Dame_De_Quebec_04.jpg (89891 bytes) Basillica Notre Dame De Quebec. Basillica_Notre_Dame_De_Quebec_02.jpg (123345 bytes) Inside of Basillica Notre Dame De Quebec.
Chateau_Frontenac.jpg (60625 bytes) Chateau Frontenac and the old city of Quebec.. Chateau_Frontenac_01.jpg (66979 bytes) Chateau Frontenac and the city wall at night.
Rue_Du_Petit_Champlain_02.jpg (69923 bytes) Rue Du Petit Champlain in the lower part of Quebec. Quebec_Lower_Town_03.jpg (61546 bytes) The town square in the lower part of Quebec.

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