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Gallery 6
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Washington, District of Columbia, USA.

Lincoln_Memorial_04.jpg (68903 bytes) Lincoln Memorial. Lincoln_Memorial_11.jpg (55183 bytes) Lincoln Memorial at night with the statue of Lincoln visible.
Vietnam_Veterans_Memorial.jpg (115395 bytes) Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  Vietnam_Veterans_Memorial_03.jpg (113228 bytes) The names of the soldiers reflecting the Washington Monument.
Washington_Monument&US_Capitol_01.jpg (45471 bytes) The Washington Monument and U.S. Capitol at the end of the Reflecting Pool. Washington_Monument_06.jpg (43421 bytes) The Stars and Strips at the base of the Washington Monument.
Thomas_Jefferson_Memorial_04.jpg (106638 bytes) Jefferson Memorial on the shores of the Tidal Basin. White_House_04.jpg (63704 bytes) The White House from the front.
White_House.jpg (53480 bytes) The White House from the rear. Pennsylvania_Avenue.jpg (75217 bytes) Looking down Pennsylvania Avenue towards the U.S. Capitol. 
Old_Post_Office_03.jpg (64006 bytes) The Old Post Office. Old_Post_Office.jpg (140011 bytes) Inside of the Old Post Office.
F.B.I._Building_02.jpg (78137 bytes) The J Edgar Hoover F.B.I. Building. U.S._Capitol_01.jpg (58802 bytes) The U.S. Capitol Building.
U.S._Capitol_06.jpg (131215 bytes) The U.S. Capitol through the trees. The_Mall_01.jpg (58507 bytes) Looking down the Mall from the U.S. Capitol.
Smithsonian_01.jpg (76758 bytes) The main Smithsonian building. Washington_National_Cathedral_02.jpg (140200 bytes) The Washington National Cathedral.
Washington_National_Cathedral_06.jpg (117736 bytes) Inside the Washington National Cathedral. Washington_National_Cathedral_Gardens.jpg (106904 bytes) The Gardens to the Washington National Cathedral.

Arlington, Virginia, USA.

Washington_D.C._01.jpg (31877 bytes) Looking over the Potomac River back to Washington D.C. Washington_D.C..jpg (99136 bytes) Tulips replace  the river.
Iwo_Jima_Memorial_01.jpg (87389 bytes) Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima Statue). Arlington_National_Cemetery_02.jpg (143094 bytes) Arlington National Cemetery with Washington D.C. in the background.
Tomb_of_the_Unknown_Soldier.jpg (52575 bytes) The Tomb Of The Unknown Solider. Changing_Of_The_Guard_03.jpg (89356 bytes) The Changing of the Guards at the Tomb Of The Unknown Solider.
J.F.K._Grave.jpg (112737 bytes) The grave of John F. Kennedy and his wife. Arlington_National_Cemetery_Pentagon.jpg (143820 bytes) Arlington National Cemetery with the Pentagon in the background.


Gallery 7.