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Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Boston_Skyline_09.jpg (50425 bytes) The Boston skyline from Boston Harbour. Boston_Skyline_16.jpg (58032 bytes) The Boston skyline from the Longfellow Bridge over the Charles River.
Boston_Common_03.jpg (135300 bytes) Inside the grounds of Boston Common. State_House_03.jpg (102510 bytes) The State House from Boston Common.
Public_Garden_06.jpg (115872 bytes) The grounds of the Public Gardens. Cheer's.jpg (94317 bytes) The famous Cheers Bar.
Beacon_Hill_02.jpg (104666 bytes) Buildings in the Beacon Hill area. Boston_Public_Library.jpg (78547 bytes) The Boston Public Library.
Trinity_Church.jpg (122737 bytes) Trinity Church from Copley Square. Faneuil_Hall_01.jpg (164945 bytes) Feneuil Hall.
First_Church_Of_Christ_Scientist.jpg (62159 bytes) First Church of Christian Scientists.   Mapparium_North_America.jpg (143014 bytes) North America inside the Mapparium.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Cambridge.jpg (55756 bytes) The Cambridge skyline from the Longfellow Bridge over the Charles River. Harvard_Square_02.jpg (105714 bytes) Harvard Square inside the grounds of Harvard University.
Harvard_Harry_Elkins_Widener_Memorial_Library.jpg (126651 bytes) Harvard Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Library inside Harvard University. Harvard_Square_Gate_02.jpg (136872 bytes) Just one of the gates into Harvard.


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